1.1. Studying the European standards in actuarial profession and relevant schemes of certification by Ukrainian experts.
1.2. Creating the national standards, qualification requirements to actuarial profession.

2.1. Creation of programme and syllabi of training courses according to 5 training modules.
2.2. Creation of methodological base for semi-distance training courses.

3.1. Creation of new courses with relevant teaching materials for 5 training modules.

4.1. Pilot courses implementation.
4.2. Implementation of full-scale semi-distance training programme for actuaries and financial analysts.

5.1. Ukrainian trainers retraining in EU consortium university.
5.2. Training UKR trainers in new trends in actuarial science in workshops in EU.

6.1. Studying the experience of functioning Training Center in EU.
6.2. Creation of structure of Training Center.
6.3. Organization of purchase/maintenance of equipment, software, books, periodicals.

7.1. Carrying out the special methodological seminar.
7.2. Dissemination via Internet and scientific/educational press.
7.3. Participating in conferences, meetings, workshops, etc.
7.4. Organization and carrying out of International Summer Schools “Actuarial Science and Finance” (Ukraine).

8.1. Approval of agreement about cooperation between Statefinservices and Kyiv University. 8.2. Advertisement of Training Centre activities.

9.1. Control of training programme and pilot courses implementation.
9.2. Short visits of EU representatives with control mission.
9.3. Evaluation of created new teaching materials.
9.4. Control of full-scale training programmes.

10.1. Carrying out the Coordinating meetings.
10.2. Management support of organizing the International Summer Schools.
10.3. Management of the training process.
10.4. Day-to-day management