History of Project creation

The current TEMPUS proposal was initiated and discussed during 2002-2003. In this period, the needs in well-qualified specialists-actuaries acquainted with European standards in their profession became obvious to the top-managers of state and private insurance companies, investment funds, state and non-state pension funds, they applied to the Statefinservices for organization of training and certification of their specialists, mainly actuaries. Statefinservices applied to Kyiv University for organizing special training courses and participating in certification of future actuaries. This work was stimulated by practical needs and increasing links between Kyiv University and finance/insurance structures and such professional association as SAU. The necessity to organize special actuarial courses directed on establishing of professional standards existing in EU was outlined on the 3-d Ukrainian Meeting of Actuaries (February, 2003). This initiative was also supported by the League of the insurance organizations of Ukraine (LIOU). LIOU is non-profit association of insurance enterprises of Ukraine created in 1992 and included 120 main insurance companies of Ukraine. During 2003-2004 Statefinservice started the work on preparation of conception of national certification of actuaries, while experts from Kyiv University prepared the draft of syllabi of several courses for actuarial training and carried out relevant studies. On the base of such experience the final version of the project was created in 2004 by leading specialists of Kyiv University and Statefinservise in cooperation with experts of SAU and EU representatives.