Ukrainian members of Project consortium

It is clear that mentioned activities can be carried out only in cooperation with solid academic centre on the base of a leading Ukrainian University with assistance of professional association of Ukrainian actuaries and using best international experience. This determines the configuration of Ukrainian members of consortium: State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine (Statefinservices), governmental structure, which responsible for qualification demands and certification of specialists eligible to fulfil actuarial calculation according to law “On Insurance”, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (academic institution which will develop and deliver the training courses), and Society of Actuaries of Ukraine (SAU), non-state professional association.

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University is a proper base for mentioned training courses because it is the first Ukrainian University that implemented the full-scale (BA, Specialist and MA degree studies in the new education direction “Statistics” (approved by Ministry of Education and Science in 1996) with specialities:

  1. Financial and Actuarial Mathematics;
  2. Econometrics and Mathematical Economics;
  3. Applied Statistics.

The development of this education programme and its adaptation to EU standards was supported by TEMPUS projects JEP-10353-97  “Statistical Aspects of Economics” (1998-2000) and Network NP-22012-2001 “Improvement of Education in Statistical Applications in Economics” (2002-2004) aiming on dissemination of accumulated experience to other Ukrainian Universities and business environment. The unique experience and educational know-how gained during described period create the base for new TEMPUS IB Project. The new project is consistent but does not overlap with previous ones, because it is oriented mainly on the request of business environment and not on inter-university problems. But at the same time it is coherent with such important direction in Ukrainian educational reform as establishing the continuing long-life education of adults. Thus, it is the logical final stage of development of full-scale education in mathematic-statistical application in Economics, Finance and Insurance at Kyiv University.