Target group

The target group of trainees of planned training courses are practitioners from Ukrainian insurance companies, investment funds, state and non-state pension funds, other financial institutions. Candidates must have university diploma, experience of the work in mentioned organizations and be nominated for tasks connected with actuarial calculations. Detail selection criteria will be elaborated by Statefinservices in cooperation with SAU after analysis of requests of concrete insurance/financial enterprises ( now there are already more than 50 requests directed to Statefinservices). These organizations will take part in selection candidates for retraining.

Since groups of trainees will include participants not only from Kyiv but also from regions, thus the classical system based on long-term training period (with their main work being discontinued) would not work properly. Such conditions demands the development and implementation of the new flexible semi-distance forms (short intensive courses, combined with Internet based distance methods of teaching) based on modern information technologies.

Concerning the knowledge of EU languages and modern information skills of the target trainees it is worth mentioning that all staff which deals with actuarial calculations can properly use PC and modern information technology, among the younger persons (graduated less than 10 years ago) more than 80% know English, but less than 10% know French and German, while among elder persons approximate 50% know English. This proportion is better for companies based in capital and worse in regions.