Main tasks and specific needs

The project proposas are directed on solution of the following problems:

  • creating the conception and system of training/retraining of Ukrainian actuaries on the base of qualification requirements to actuarial profession;
  • preparation the programme of training courses for actuaries and scheme of examination adapted to European standards;
  • creation the methodology of training and all necessary training materials in printing and electronic form;
  • creating the principals and implementation the semi-distance methodology of training;
  • carrying out the training courses for the pilot groups of insurance/financial enterprises employees;
  • establishing the training center for actuaries and financial analysts on the base of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University;
  • carrying out the expertise of national qualification requirements to actuaries, the programme of training courses on their correspondence to EU standards of actuarial profession;

The project answers on the following specific needs of Ukrainian consortium members and trainees-practitioners:

  • increasing acquaintance of experts from Statefinservice with best European experience in organization the system of actuaries education and certification;
  • retraining the academic staff of Kyiv University to carry out training mission with practical orientation for mentioned target group of practitioners;
  • increasing the qualification of retrained Ukrainian actuaries and financial analysts as a base of their career development and their compatible on the labour market ;
  • training the staff of Kyiv University to use distance method of teaching;
  • improvement the equipment and information base of training courses;
  • establishing contacts of Ukrainian partners with leading EU centres of Actuarial Science and Education.