The Project

Wider objective: Establishment the national system of actuaries education, retraining and certification adapted to EU standards in these area as a key element in development of actuaries profession, increasing its role and as a result, development the insurance and financial sector of economy.

Project-specific objectives: Elaboration the national system of actuaries training/retraining; training of the pilot group of 105 practitioners from insurance and financial industries using advanced methods adapted to EU professional standards in this area; creating the sustainable Training Centre for actuaries and financial analysts.

The working methodology proposed to reach Project objectives includes: intensive using the EU experience in training and certification of actuaries and financial analysts and existing professional EU requirements in this area; creating on this base national conception and scheme of training/retraining of actuaries which take in account national UKR features and are consistent with EU schemes. National requirements to actuarial profession will serve as foundation for adequate educational programmes and training courses based on advanced semi-distance information technologies and matching professional needs of selected target groups.

Project working methodology also includes:

  1. realisation of activities oriented on implementation of newly developed semi-distance methods of actuaries training;
  2. realisation of activities oriented on acquaintance of teachers from Kyiv University with modern trends in actuarial science and the best EU achievements in semi-distance education, aiming to improve their abilities to deliver courses for actuaries training;
  3. realisation of activities directed on advertisement of proposed educational programmes and selection of trainees from identified target groups, dissemination of results of the project;
  4. creation on the base of Mathematical Faculty of Kyiv University of a Training Centre for actuaries and financial analysts with appropriate structure, management and equipment base and functioning on the self-financing base.

Training methodology will be based on new advanced semi-distance methods of teaching (short intensive courses combined with Internet based distance teaching technologies). The organization of training process will be rather flexible: lecture and practical studies delivered on the base of Kyiv University will be completed with elements of distance education. The realistic timetable for the delivery of courses which is appropriate for the needs of trainees from Kyiv and regional-based insurance companies will be created. The component of distance education for regional representatives will be more essential. Interactive methods of training and testing will be used. Educational programmes will be adapted to European standards in this area. The lectures and practical studies will be delivered mainly by academicians from Kyiv University, in collaboration with experts from Statefinservices and Society of Actuaries of Ukraine, as well as, experts from EU consortium members. The adaptation and improvement of Training Courses during the life of the project are foreseen taking into account the results of examinations and regular feedback from trainees.