Actuarial Center

To prepare for qualifying exams Ukrainian actuaries have opportunity to attend courses organized by Training Center for actuaries and financial analysts. The Center works on the base of Kyiv University and Society of Actuaries of Ukraine under support of Commission for Regulation of the Financial Services Markets and European Universities Consortium.

Training Center for actuaries and financial analysts was created in the frame of European Project TEMPUS IB-JEP-25054-2004. Project realization started in September 2005.

The organization of training process is rather flexible: lecture and practical studies delivered on the base of Kyiv University (in specially equipped computer classes) will be completed with elements of distance education. The realistic timetable for the delivery of courses which is appropriate for the needs of trainees from Kyiv and regional-based insurance companies will be created. Educational programmes are adapted to European standards in this area and UK Institute of Actuaries exams. The lectures and practical studies are delivered mainly by academicians from Kyiv University, in collaboration with experts from Statefinservices and Society of Actuaries of Ukraine, as well as, experts from EU consortium members. All students will be provided with teaching materials and will have opportunity to use books from the department’s library, which has newest books on actuarial, financial mathematics, stochastic and statistics. First training courses started in April 2006.