Coordinating Meeting for EU Tempus Project
“Training Centre for Actuaries and Financial Analysts”
12-13 December, 2007

The Coordinating meeting of the representatives of the Tempus project IB-2504 was held during 12-13.12.2007 in Belgium. Patricipants took part in the Workshop "Multivariate Risk Management" (EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 10-11 December) as a satellite event. The Meeting was devoted to the evaluation of the project year activities, results of pilot courses implementation, methodological materials and analysis of trainees feedbacks. Plans and activity for the final (2008) year of the project were discussed.

During the stay at Catholic University of Leuven (12 December) lectures on actuarial education and risk management of Jozef Teugels and Steven Vanduffel were delivered. The system of actuaries training in Belgium were discussed.

During the visit (list of participants) to the National Bank of Belgium (Brussels, 13 December) the lectures on Financial stability and Credit Risks by Thierry Timmermans and Wim Schoutens were delivered.